Recruiting Reimagined

Introducing Khawaja Partners' innovative approach to legal recruiting

Partners, associates, and in-house counsel: How do you feel when you get a cold call or email from a legal recruiter?

Excited? Hopeful? As you should! Any one of these opportunities presented to you could launch you into the next chapter of your career in law.

Or do you feel irritated? Frustrated? Confused? If so, you’ve got to ask yourself why and what you’re looking for in a recruiting partner.

We get it. You’re inundated with communications from recruiters, and it can feel like a huge undertaking to sift through which opportunities—and which recruiters—feel like a good fit versus a shot in the dark. The change has to be good enough to make you want to take the plunge, move out of your comfort zone, and explore what can be a lengthy lateral process. As the recruiter, it’s our job to instill confidence in us and our abilities to not just find you the right opportunity but also to get you an appropriate offer. Traditional recruiting practices, though, can have the exact opposite effect, leaving you feeling less than excited and understood.

It's no secret in the talent acquisition industry that there are barriers to efficient recruitment processes. Arguably the largest one: access to vast but often cost-prohibitive resources on market opportunities and supporting business intelligence, (and maybe even more importantly), a means of processing all this information effectively. A recruiting firm may invest in basic CRM databases and job boards, but how does any recruiter download all time-sensitive information, process it intelligently, and apply it instantly to active and potential candidates, all of whom are hoping to have the latest and greatest? Without the proper tools, opportunities are missed, hurting promising candidates and recruiters who are spread too thin.

The result? Reduced time per candidate or opportunity, blanket, generic submissions to many firms or companies, and a surge in mistakes. Which leads us to yet another barrier - human error. Emails, key information, resumes, and even candidates fall through the cracks, and submissions aren’t done in a timely manner. Suddenly, the opportunity you were so thrilled about has been filled. Human error also includes the elephant in the room: implicit or unconscious bias. In the recruiting world, the way this bias usually manifests is in suppressing or elevating a resume because of a recruiter’s preconceived notions of a candidate’s abilities and what the hiring firm or company is looking for. What this means for candidates is that similarly situated candidates are not receiving equal consideration for the same opportunities.

The bottom line is: Something’s gotta give.

At Khawaja Partners, we acknowledge that these barriers (and others we will cover over time) adversely affect candidates more than anyone else. Rather than buy into traditional recruiting practices and perpetuate the problems and inefficiencies, we’ve treated these barriers as opportunities to revolutionize the way legal recruiting is done. How’ve we done so?

At the heart of our modern talent strategy is the recognition that we need proper tools and qualified people to redesign the way talent acquisition and workflows interact with each other for the benefit of our candidates. After all, we’re only human. So at KP we leverage human-led generative AI to reduce human error, including unconscious biases, and free up more hours in our day that we can pour back into you. Relying on LLM tools developed by our in-house AI engineers, we track key information such as new roles, your application materials, and follow-ups. Thus ensuring we’re always up-to-date with your needs while maintaining confidentiality and data privacy. Counting on human memory or outdated systems (think: Outlook flags, basic CRMs, manual checklists) is a thing of the past.

With cutting-edge AI, we can ensure:

  1. We are timely pushing your candidacy forward and communicating with you by anonymizing submissions when profiling blindly, automating deadlines and follow-ups, and streamlining workflows;
  2. We avoid the unconscious biases of any individual recruiter by when our AI models focusing on relevant background, experience, qualifications, and hard and soft skills;
  3. Data security and privacy is prioritized by using trusted cloud platforms and following security best practices to ensure your data is protected, automatically purged, and never used to train any other models.

This is recruiting reimagined.

Waqar Khawaja

Waqar Khawaja is the founder of Khawaja Partners. He is a community builder, advocate, and matchmaker at his core. With over a decade of experience in the industry, he has established himself as a leading expert in legal recruitment and consulting, and has built an extensive network of connections with top legal organizations and talented professionals across the country.

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